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Section 1.
Forty percent (40%) of the members of the association attending any regular or special meeting or convention shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2.
The date and place of the Semi-Annual Fall Conference of this association shall coincide with Kansas Association of Counties.

Section 3.
An Annual June Seminar meeting shall be held in the month of June at a location determined by a rotation of the geographic districts as hosts.  The rotation shall begin after the 2020 conference.  Seminar will be held at the choice of the host district and is not restricted to their geographic location. A rotation has been set by the Site Committee that will proceed as follows and will repeat once completed.  

2022 North Central District
2023 Southwest District 
2024 Northeast District
2025 South Central District
2026 Northwest District
2027 Southeast District

Section 4:
Teleconference / Electronic Meetings. In the event our Association is not advised or is unable to hold an in-person meeting and in order to maintain continuity in the operations of the Association, the Executive Board can call an electronic meeting in a manner authorized by the Executive Board, to the extent permitted by the law. Any eligible voting member of the Association may participate through any means of communication in which the members are able to read or hear proceedings at the same time as the meeting is occurring, able to vote on matters submitted to the members, pose questions, make comments and otherwise fully participate in the meeting. Such participation shall constitute presence in person for the meeting, but in no way does this substitute for in person voting when that can or will happen.